Music and Music Videos for Family Entertainment Centers

FEC Music is the only entertainment and marketing service built specifically for the family entertainment business. We thrill guests at hundreds of roller rinks, skating rinks, trampoline parks, waterparks, laser tag facilities and other destinations!


FEC Music delivers obsessively curated, Mom Approved playlists that fuel the fun, and creative digital signage that informs and engages guests of all ages.

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Skating Rinks

Enjoy the industry's largest library of entertainment and messaging options, created specifically to meet the needs of roller rinks.

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Keep the good times rolling with entertainment and infotainment options built specifically to drive business for waterparks. 

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Trampoline Parks

Built-in wristband announcements, targeted digital signage and other specific features make FEC music an ideal fit for independent trampoline parks and chains.

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Grow your business with music, music video and digital signage specifically built for the family entertainment industry.

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