Mom Approved Music and Music Video Content for FECs

Don't let an inappropriate song or music video cost you business. FEC Music's Mom Approved content is guaranteed to create a family-friendly environment.

How Mom Approved Works

Our team of playlist specialists analyzes every second of every piece of content in our system, then assigns it a rating. If it's tagged "Mom Approved," you can be sure that it doesn't contain alcohol, smoking, drug use, profanity, coarse language, or sexual or violent themes.

Better yet: When you're playing a Mom Approved program, our system makes it impossible to play PG or Adult content. With FEC Music, you can't go wrong!

The FEC Music Rating System

Every piece of content in the FEC Music library is tagged as Mom Approved, PG or Adult. 

  • Mom Approved content is totally safe, with no offensive themes present.
  • PG content may contain references to alcohol and tobacco use, some very mild references to violence and sexuality and "beach appropriate" clothing.
  • Adult content is radio edited to remove profanity and sexually explicit content, but still may contain lyrics or imagery that isn't suitable for kids or young teens. 

Don't agree with our ratings? That's fine! FEC Music lets you re-rate any track or music video.

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