Music, Music Videos & Digital Signage for Roller Rinks

FEC Music SK8 is the only music, music video and digital signage solution built specifically to meet the needs of skating rinks. 

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The Perfect Vibe – All Day, Every Day

Thousands of hours of DJ-quality playlists and promotional messages just for skating rinks.

Select from a massive music and music video library created specifically for rinks.

Deliver a unique, engaging guest experience with "Mom Approved" family friendly content.

Music & Music Video

FEC Music SK8 delivers the skating industry's largest library of fully licensed music and music videos. Every hit. Every era. If your skaters want it, we have it.

Don't confuse FEC Music SK8 with streaming services. They let you play a song. We deliver an experience, with guaranteed Mom Approved content, obsessively curated playlists, full HD music videos and the best scheduling and customization options in the business. 

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The Jukebox Has Gone Social

The myJAM social music app gives your patrons the power to influence what songs get played, right from their smartphone. Thumbs up means a track is more likely to be played. Too many thumbs down and it's gone. Best of all, guests love to share your brand on social media!

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myJAM Social Music App

Engaging Digital Signage

FEC Music SK8 lets you use your screens to promote specials, deliver safety messages, celebrate birthdays and holidays ... or just about anything else you can think of.

Use our massive library of pre-made messages, create your own or let our creative team build exactly what you need. You can even lay "ticker" text over music videos, so the fun never stops!

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Discover the ultimate entertainment solution for roller rinks.

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