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Music, Music Videos & Digital Signage for Trampoline Parks

FEC Music Jump is a simple customized music, music video solution created specifically for Trampoline Parks.

A core function of Jump is the automated announcement/digital signage providing scheduled activities throughout the day.

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Who is deciding what music is being played in your Trampoline Park?

Is your goal to have your shift managers decide what they want hear, or is it to create a high energy family friendly environment?

When it comes to playlists for Trampoline Parks, FEC Music Jump is a step up. Every track is hand selected for your business and the specific dayparts you cater to grow your revenue.

Energy, Visual Rating, Audio Ratio, Chart Positioning, Classic Favorites and repeat rules are just a few of the criteria that create dynamics playlists time after time.

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Wristband Announcements

Professional, positive, brand direct and consistent announcements that your customers can understand are a key element to your park brand experience. FEC Jump are pioneers in implementing professionally produced announcements into your playlists. This is one of the greatest impacts we deliver to our FEC Music Jump subscribers.

FEC Music subscribers have access to tens of thousands of Music and Music-Video tracks to create custom branded playlists with instant access to request features.

Utilize your TV’s to entertain and engage your customers with Music Video in strategic areas of your business where there is a wait or down time. There is this incorrect assumption that music videos are only for dance clubs. The fact is music video is the second most downloaded online content. It is what your customers want to see when they are being entertained.

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Music & Music Videos Kids Love & MOM Approves!

A significant challenge with managing today’s Entertainment is the not only the lyrical content, but the visual content as well. This is why many Trampoline Parks either do not use their screens or do not use them for their Music Videos.

FEC Music’s proprietary platform combined with extensive metadata on each and every track provides rink operators with the ability to create the perfect MOM-Approved Entertainment Programming.

Our unique screening system rates both the lyrical and visual content of every track. When a Mom-Approved song with inappropriate visual content comes up in your playlist, the fec Music software knows to cover the screens with your logo, marketing messages or our exclusive entertaining visualizers!

Download our Content Ratings Guide

The following are guidelines for MOM rating:

  • Profanity is censored to Radio Edit standards
  • No references to violence
  • No references to alcohol/tobacco/drug use
  • No references to sexuality
  • No reference to adult situations/language (which includes the words “hell” or “damn”)
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The PG rating is designed for tween and late night audiences. Much like movie ratings, PG may contain some material parents might not like for their young children. Parental Guidance is advised.

Our PG audio content may contain references to alcohol and tobacco use and some very mild references to violence and sexuality. Our video content may include “Beach Appropriate” clothing, some minor violence, and alcohol/tobacco use.

Download our Content Ratings Guide

The following are guidelines for PG rating:

  • Profanity is censored to Radio Edit standards
  • References violence (fighting, minor references to violence that don’t result in death or major bodily harm)
  • Weapons (not being used in a violent manner)
  • References to alcohol/tobacco use (but not drug use)
  • Very mild sexual references (the word “sex” for example, anything that’s sexual but not overly descriptive and it’s only mentioned once or twice, is not the main theme of the song. Beach appropriate attire. Kissing is fine unless prolonged or includes a lot of touching, and grinding is NOT permitted as PG)
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The Leisure Venue space is crowded, your customers have lots of options. FEC Jump is designed to be part of the strategy of the operator that is focused on separating themselves from the guy down the street.

Contact us today and find out why FEC Music’s programs are Trampoline Parks’ newest must-have!
Don’t be part of the PACK! Step up your playlists with FEC Music Jump.