Fully Licensed Music & Music Videos for Family Entertainment Centers

Create the environment parents and kids want with the family entertainment industry's largest library of music and music videos, updated weekly.

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Experience the Power of the Playlist

With FEC Music, you get far more than a massive library of music and music videos. Every piece of content is rated for age appropriateness, then tagged with metadata on genre, decade, BPM, mood, charting status and more. That means you can create the exact vibe you want for your facility – easily.

Why FEC Music? We know the industry. We're not a consumer streaming service, a radio station or a generic solution made for the masses. We eat, sleep and breathe family entertainment.

Advance Scheduling

Build your own playlists up to seven days in advance, or use our team's custom-curated programs built specifically for family entertainment centers. With FEC Music, the choice is yours.

Custom Programming

With FEC Music, nothing is cookie-cutter. We have special programs for every segment of the industry, including trampoline parks, waterparks and skating rinks.

You're in Control

Unlike consumer streaming services, FEC Music makes it easy to give your guests the exact music and music video experience they want. Deploy curated playlists, build your own schedules, play any track or video on-demand, or run themed programs. You can even dictate how often a track or artist plays. The choice is always yours.

The best part: FEC Music's selection never gets stale. We have all the classics – with older videos upscaled for HD screens – and new hits from every genre added every week. If they want to hear it, you can play it.

Access Your Playlists Remotely

With FEC Music, you're never out of touch. Want to check in or make a change when you're out of town? Just log in to our exclusive remote management application from any connected device. Schedule programs, create custom playlists and deliver a consistent, branded experience.

FEC Music Playlists

Explore our Signature Programs

Whether it's a birthday party, school vacation season, a holiday or just a random Tuesday, FEC Music delivers the exact programming your guests want. With more than 60 expertly curated programs, you'll get more choice and selection than offered by any other family fun center music or music video service. Check out some of the highlights!


Hot hits, novelty dances and classic fun songs that the kids want to hear.

70's Mix

All the hits from the 70's. Pop, rock, and R&B favorites combined. Perfect for parents!


High energy mix of Adult Contemporary favorites. A genre mix for any time of day.

Party Mix

Non-stop classic and current party hits. This is the music that will get a diverse crowd moving.

Family Mix

High-energy content screened to be 100% family friendly – guaranteed.

Family Hits

Pop and rock content screened to be 100% family friendly – guaranteed.

See the family entertainment industry's best music and music video solution in action.

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